Rabbi Yehuda and Mrs. Libby Fleischmann

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Woodside Mikvah is now open for men’s use.
Please see Phase II rules.

Women should call to set up an appointment and all preparations should be done at home before coming

It’s important to practice simple everyday precautions 

If you are sick or are in quarantine or have been recommended to self-quarantine, please do not come to the mikvah

If you have concerns, please consult with your Rav

Mission Statement

The mission of the Woodside Mikvah Organization (WMO) is to provide a safe, sensitive, welcoming, and halachically approved mikvah for immersion to promote the mitzvah of family ritual purity (taharat mishpacha) and Jewish spirituality within the greater Washington, DC community.

@ 8901 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Women’s Operations

Summer hours for women are 8:30-9:30 pm Sunday through Thursday by appointment only.  Times for Friday night or motzei Shabbos vary by week.  Please leave a message on 301-565-3737 or sign up atappointments@woodsidemikvah.org.  Please call or e-mail at least 24 hours in advance.  To reach us by e-mail, please contact woodsidemikvah@gmail.com.

Men’s Operations

Woodside Mikvah is now open for men’s use. Please see rules

Membership and Donation

We encourage you to join in supporting the Woodside Mikvah Organization (WMO) by becoming a WMO Member or by donating.