The Woodside Mikvah is now open for men.

Re-opening of Men’s Operations: Phase 1

The WMO is pleased and excited to announce the first step in re-opening the Ballard Street mikvah for men’s use. We want to thank the entire WMO membership, along with the broader Silver Spring and greater Washington DC community, for your patience and your continued support while the mikvah was closed to men due to Covid-19 concerns.

Providing a safe and welcoming environment for women’s use of the mikvah has been the WMO’s primary focus since March 2020, and we owe hakaras hatov to everyone who helped make this possible: to those who helped with the logistics, to those who supported the mikvah during this difficult time, and to the women who showed their confidence in us by continuing to use our mikvah.

The WMO has had a long-standing commitment to also serving the mikvah usage needs of men in the Silver Spring and greater Washington area. As with many organizations that are re-starting services after a pandemic-driven shut-down, we are initially starting with limited services and limited hours. We intend to evaluate Phase 1 operations over a period of two or three weeks. If everything goes smoothly through Phase 1, our intention is to expand the scope of men’s use in steps over the coming weeks, leading, we hope, to broad availability for the Yomim Noraim in the fall.

The operating rules of Phase 1 men’s operations will be as follows:

  1. Mikvah will be open only for men who are members in good standing of WMO, and who are registered for Men’s Operations. No guests are allowed.
  2. Mikvah will be open for men’s usage on Fridays, from 6:00 AM to 9:30 AM. All users must leave before 9:30 AM.
  3. Signs will clearly indicate which mikvah pool is to be used by men on a given day. Only the indicated pool is to be used.
  4. Men are to shower before coming to the mikvah, and are to bring their own towels. Men are not to use towels found in the mikvah building.
  5. All CDC, Maryland, and Montgomery County guidelines regarding Covid-19 will be followed. Men are not to come to the mikvah if they are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, or have a known exposure within the last 10 days. (Contact if you have questions about medical eligibility to use
    the mikvah.)
  6. The form for registering for Phase 1 can be found here:
    We anticipate opening the mikvah for Phase 1 men’s operations on July 23, 2021.

We also need volunteers to help monitor and manage the initial men’s operations. People can indicate their willingness to volunteer on the registration form, or by sending a note to
The expansion of men’s operations will depend on the smooth and successful conduct of Phase 1. As we move forward, the WMO will maintain its continuing commitment to the existing women’s operations, and to providing a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment for all users. We greatly appreciate your support and cooperation as we move to expand our services to the Silver Spring and greater Washington communities.