The Woodside Mikvah is pleased to continue to be operational and available for use by men.

Men’s hours are 7 AM to 9 AM, Sundays through Fridays. On Fridays the mikvah will be cleared for the cleaning staff promptly at 9:15 AM and will reopen for men from 1 PM until an hour before candle lighting. The mikvah will be closed to men beginning an hour before candle lighting. The times specified for men’s usage need to be strictly adhered to in order to enable WMO to continue to provide service to both men and women. If you are a man who needs to use the mikvah outside the posted hours, please contact us at to make arrangements.

Men are requested to please bring their own towels for use in the mikvah and to make every effort to leave the facility as clean and orderly as possible.

The fee for men’s use is set at $20 for adults and $10 for full time students.
Membership is $180 per year. Membership entitles those in the immediate family to use the
Woodside Mikvah without paying the normal user fees.